Foolish, Aching, and Mess

When I listen to this music, I’m transported back to Chicago. Michigan Ave., Millennium Park, the Museum, walking in blizzard, waiting in wind chill, loneliness, dreams, art school…

I could not find the justification for paying so much money for art education and the usefulness of artists in society. Yet i so desperately wanted to be a part of the world as an artist and my heart ached when the world seemed indifferent.

Had I heard this song in my Chicago years, I would have been proud of myself and proud of the things I thought meaningless and foolish.

Foolish, Aching, and Mess

One thought on “Foolish, Aching, and Mess

  1. Richard Greene says:

    You truly are an amazing Artist. My discussions and time with you are some of my most cherished memories of SAIC. Thank you.


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