Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

I had a great time wandering around the museum. I especially enjoyed the Medieval and Ancient Egyptian art. Allegorical and religious paintings with weirdly disproportional figures often bothered me and made me think they are ugly and less worthy, but this time I was able to overcome my shortcomings and look beyond my visual preference. For the first time, I was able to connect with the Medieval as well as the Ancient Egyptian art.

I highly recommend using the audio guided tour. It makes a big difference.


























Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Singapore Art Museum

The museum was bigger than I thought. The special exhibition was on the contemporary Asian art work. The majority of them had religious bases and themes in their works. It was fun.

Singapore Art Museum

Sentosa: an island with an oil refinery view.

I almost skipped visiting Sentosa (in Singapore) thinking that it’s nothing but amusement parks and resorts. Good thing I came here.

The first thing I saw was the bike rentals. This guy hooked me up with a motored bicycle like the ones old ladies ride in Japan. “You’re gonna need it,” he said with a knowing smile. He was right. I went almost all around the island stopping briefly only for hydration.

I ended up entering to this super rich residential area called Sentosa Cove. The houses were enormous in Asian standard and luxurious with modern looks. Within a block, I saw three Rolls-Royces and two Ferraris  The thing was that many  houses were being constructed and were empty in most cases.

After that, I had a burger and Pina Colada. Food was pretty bad. The beach was cozy with a view of an oil refinery that somehow instilling in my unconscious mind the images of Akira and The Judgement Day. Yes, it’s called inception. Anyway, I wrote three stories of Lily’s in Love series here.

It sucked that I didn’t have a sun bed, but still how lucky am I to have this…air in my lungs and that stubborn thing inside called hope?


Sentosa: an island with an oil refinery view.

Art and Science Museum, Singapore

The only thing that’s worth traveling to Art and Science Museum(ASM) in Singapore is the architecture itself. The actual exhibitions are dull and void of any meaningful experience. You will find more meaning on YouTube than here.

So the architecture is visually stunning with asymmetrical and sculptural structures. It reminds me of a cracked half open eggshell from the future. The interior of ASM is just as interesting as the exterior. As you go up the floors in the elevator, you see the interior at some point and the outside view at a different interval, which is fun to ride. Most of all, the water lily pond underneath the eggshell structure is subtle and elegant that Monet himself might consider re-painting his water lily series again. He just might.

The special exhibitions are okay but far from superb and original. In short, you should visit the museum if you are into architecture.


Art and Science Museum, Singapore