Apple Watch: How to Pivot

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But here’s the thing: The watch isn’t actually a fashion accessory for the tech-happy. It’s a tech accessory pretending to be a fashion accessory. I just couldn’t fall for it.
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I went to the Apple store in Manhattan and tried out the Apple Watch. There is something confusing about it. It didn’t feel fashionable. It didn’t feel techy either. There were no functions that I was in need. I didn’t know how it can make my life easier and how it would advance my life beyond iPhone.

Here is how I would pivot from here on. Stop looking at it as a fashion item. Go back to the basic and ask how it can make daily life easier with no intrusive alarms. The answer is easy. Stop calling it Apple Watch! Call it Siri on Wrist and then give her a 18k gold case. Now it’s sexy! The catch is Siri needs much improvement, but once it perfects the contextual assistance, it will open up a new world.

Apple Watch: How to Pivot

Apple Keynote: iPhone 6 and Apple Watch, Sept. 2014

Apple has embraced the art of simplification, but by adding another line of iPhone namely iPhone 6 Plus and a new line of product, Apple Watch, it smells like Apple is succumbed to the temptation of complexity model–the same model as Samsung–to buttress its stock price.

The Apple Watch in many ways merely substitutes the iPhone’s functionality. Nothing more than a smaller screened iPhone strapped on your wrist. The pulse and the heartbeat stuff are interesting, but it’s not enough to save the Apple Watch. The design is mediocre, because it doesn’t feel like a fashion item. In fashion, there is such a thing as a manly design and feminine design, not just a big one for a man and smaller one for a woman. Worse, it’s hard to differentiate it from the Galaxy Watch.

Even the iPhone 6 lost some of its cool factors as it focuses on new improved features, not new solutions. Although I love the new design, I did predict that the iPhone was headed toward the design which was similar to the iPad design language, so there was no wow factor to it.

there is no doubt Apple is the best innovation machine we’ve got. as much as I criticize, I have so much admiration for the Apple team. I will always expect greatest things from them and be ready to be thrilled.

I will buy the iPhone 6 as soon as I can, but the Apple Watch, nevertheless, I will wait until Siri can talk to me like my 3 year old.

Watch the Keynote here:

Apple Keynote: iPhone 6 and Apple Watch, Sept. 2014